AnaTorfs_b°1963, Mortsel, Belgium. Lives and works in Brussels-Belgium.

The interaction between language and representation plays a central role in the work of Ana Torfs and therefore, the related processes of translation, interpretation, resonance, projection and visualization come to the fore. The remaining materials are remodeled in order to join installations meticulously composed where projections and allusions prevail.

The photographic series “Legend”, refers to the two meanings of the word: a mythical legend and a story of undocumented truthfulness. In La Gomera, the second smallest island of the Canary Islands, the artist photographed nine landscapes. To each of them she assigned five subtitles with various information about the Canaries. With each ‘legend’, a different ‘story / narrative’ is thus added, changing the way we see it. Myths and data construct an image that, despite the variety of information or, indeed, as a result, lack focus.

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