Limited Edition Portfolio ‘The Importance of Being…’

The largest part for funding the exhibition is coming from private sources. The total budget for the whole venture will be close to €900.000. On average €200.000 for each location. As the exhibition has already closed in Rio de Janeiro in February 2016 and arrived in São Paulo a lot of partners have contributed to the project ‘in natura’. Our highest costs are related to logistics and transport of the exhibition from each location to the next and installation in the different institutions. The artworks will be transported both by sea and air. We are very thankful to our corporate sponsors Novaedes and Transfreight for organising and using their expertise to transport the artworks safely and professionally. To finance part of the budget De Gulden Leeuw vzw will publish a limited edition  of  two different portfolios with 10 reproductions in each, created by 20 of the participating artists for The Importance of Being … Please contact for more information or if you would like to order this portfolio.

Participants Collector’s edition Portfolio I
Guillaume Bijl • Jacques Charlier • Berlinde De Bruyckere • Peter de Cupere • Carl De Keyzer • Fred Eerdekens • Johan Grimonprez • Koen Vanmechelen • Bruno Vekemans • Angel Vergara Santiago
Participants Collector’s edition Portfolio II
Charif Benhelima • Cel Crabeels • Jan De Cock • Nico Dockx • Edith Dekyndt • Kendell Geers • Kris Martin • Pascale Marthine Tayou • Koen van den Broek • Lieve Van Stappen


Hart is a leading Belgian magazine about art. Hart looks, reflects and writes with insight and inspiration. About artists and their work, about exhibitions, art institutions, collecting and engagement. From September 2019 Hart got a different look, Vrints-Kolsteren was responsible for the re-design and ongoing art-direction of the magazine. The persistent use of typography and a structured layout leaves room for the content to take the lead. Each issue, a quote is highlighted on the cover of the magazine in a contemporary composition combined with a surprising new color combination.

2.950,00 EUR per copy excl. 6% VAT.

(Photography portfolios: Alain Six)

De Gulden Leeuw vzw
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COVER stapel_Mockup

Art catalogue ‘The Importance of Being…’

To document this event we will publish a 400 pages, high-quality catalogue. The catalogue will also become a fifth exhibition space, with its own logic and features.

The catalogue will introduce the artists who participate on the exhibition in a wider context, including also other works produced along their career. Therefore it will be an essential guide for anyone interested or professionally linked to global contemporary art. The catalogue will be a reference work for future generations.

There will be 2 versions in 3 languages, one version Spanish/Portuguese/English and another version Dutch/French/English. The catalogue includes texts of Cathérine Mayeur, Hans Theys, Christophe Van Gerrewey and Sara Alonso Gómez as curator. Design by Livin Mentens (Sint-Lucas Antwerp), Alain Six for digital imaging. The Catalogue will be printed by printing house De Bie and published by Stockmans. Distribution by Exhibitions International in Leuven.