JacquesCharlier_b°1939, Liège (Belgium), Lives and works in Liège (Belgium)

Cartoonist since 1969, Jacques Charlier claims for himself a revered tradition: that of the Comedians Salons from the XIX century. In 1973 he drew and published his first “Sexes d’Artistes”, imaginary portraits of the genitals of those artists that marked the Art History in the XX century since Marcel Duchamp. Epitomes of art today, of avant-garde practices approach and of each artist’s distinctive character features, Charlier decided in 2009 to go back to the idea and this time drew 100 artists’ sexes, creating an illustrated art history compendium. The project, censored in the Venice Biennale in 2009 for his eminently playful nature, is exposed in its integrality for the first time.

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