KoenVanDenBroek_b°1973, Bree, Belgium. Lives and works in Schilde and Antwerp, Belgium

Koen van den Broek is a painter of urban spaces: buildings, vehicles, roads. Somewhat surprising is the fact that when he switches the stage-from Belgium to Andorra, or to Japan- we might not realize the changes just by watching what the pictures show.

With his sense of disorientation combined with a cold beauty, the paintings of van den Broek show an ambiguous mind as open as limited by its views. His work often focuses on the same detail from a snapshot of the road – a curb, a crack or a shadow, and these themes recur throughout his work. Indeed the repetition of the leitmotif might be understood as much in relation to the history of conceptual practices as to painting itself – as it appears in the series where John Baldessari collaborated with van den Broek, for example.


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Below you can see the In Situ creations of Koen Van den Broek at the exhibition in Havana