KrisMartin_b°1972, Kortrijk. Lives in Ghent, Belgium

Kris Martin’s work is poetic, contemplative and yet remains within the traditions of conceptual art. With his sculptures, drawings, photographs, performances and interventions, he draws attention to the notion of time. In general, his work consists of acts of appropriation, or transforming objects through relocation or subtle intervention in the everyday things that allow the loss of fixed identities, subversion of systems and established hierarchies, and the opening of a new space for reflection, strength, creativity and thought. This sound piece could be understood as a humorous interruption of the rather earnest atmosphere of some museums, with a voice asking the seemingly ordinary question about its title. Yet, the piece may in fact question exactly the presumed timelessness of museums and their function as historical archives of art. Simultaneously, this question is posed to viewers as an invitation to evaluate where we are and which time of our lives we find ourselves in.

Click here to see his work at the Sies + Höke gallery.