MichaelBorremans_b°1963, Geraardsbergen (Belgium), Lives and works in Gent (Belgium)

Michaël Borremans explores the pictorial medium through the representation of rarefied situations charged with deformity, unequal power relations and feelings of oppression. Both in his paintings and in his videos, the human figure is central but the characters are represented as if devoid of individuality. Universal themes such as fear, futility, imperfection, confusion and tragedy emerge to restore their soul. In this sense, “Weight” shows a girl with no legs like a chess piece on a black podium, twirling in her weightless unreality. His impassive face, posture, attire and the symbolism present on the sober and apparently neutral scene, make of this audiovisual work a piece where banality taken for granted leads to suspicion.

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