MichelFrançois_b°1956, Sint-Truiden, Lives and works in Brussel.

The pleasure Michel François takes in the forms and the play of representation is based on true glaring materials, nature, situations or ideas. Despite the harshness of some references, the artist decides to work under the sign of reconciliation of fields, distant and contradictory with the art’s world.

A very formal sculpture supported by a set of complex theoretical and ideological strata: it embraces the ideological issues of modernity without turning its back to the great challenges of classical art. “Walk through a line of neon lights” is a tapestry of perfectly aligned white neon lamps. From 2004-2010, Michel François has used several times this artistic principle. The use of neon takes up the theme of changing everyday objects into art objects.


Click here to see his work at the Xavier Hufkens gallery.