To document this event we will publish a 400 pages, high-quality catalogue. The catalogue will also become a fifth exhibition space, with its own logic and features.

To finance part of this beautiful publication, we need your help to fund graphic design, digital imaging, authors and our translation partner.

The catalogue will introduce the artists who participate on the exhibition in a wider context, including also other works produced along their career. Therefore it will be an essential guide for anyone interested or professionally linked to global contemporary art. The catalogue will be a reference work for future generations.

There will be 2 versions in 3 languages, one version Spanish/Portuguese/English and another version Dutch/French/English. The catalogue includes texts of Cathérine Mayeur, Hans Theys, Christophe Van Gerrewey and Sara Alonso Gómez as curator. Design by Livin Mentens (Sint-Lucas Antwerp), Alain Six for digital imaging. The Catalogue will be printed by printing house De Bie and published by Stockmans.


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